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How do I report an offensive post?

Right now, we are unable to continually monitor the website and its various online forums/capabilities. Thus, we rely on users like you to report any unauthorized content that violates our Site Rules by submitting feedback through our Contact Us form. 

Do I need to register to comment in a forum?

Yes, you must "Subscribe" and become a "Member" of the site in order to access and participate in all of our resources, online forums, and student programs.

Who can see my profile?

Other site members can see your basic profile information (name, join date, etc.) found under the "Site Members" tab under "Groups" in the top navigation bar. Thus, please feel free to include as little or as much information as you've like within your site profile/account to be publicly displayed to other Outbreak Experience members.

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Can materials/resources be modified?

All materials can be adapted to better suit an institution’s desired geographic area (e.g. Detroit, MI). Local data or data from sources such as County Health Rankings could be used to determine health disparities that need to be addressed in this scenario. Additionally, the represented pathogen could also be interchanged with more work. 

Instructors may modify this activity to better meet the needs of their own accreditation requirements, competencies, geographic area, classes or students under the conditions of a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.

FAQs/Site Rules/Policies: FAQ

Site Rules

Quality Posts Only

Please read through all posts in each discussion forum before posting something within a message board/group. We strictly adhere to high educational quality standards on our online forums etc.

No Personal Information

For your own safety, and for the safety of others, we ask that you avoid sharing any personal information. In addition, this means that we ask you to refrain from asking other website users for their personal information.

No Spamming

Please refrain from posting off-topic messages, with unrelated content, with the intention of reaching users who would have otherwise not selected to intentionally consume such content.

Safe Learning Environment

By utilizing this site, you agree to create a safe and inclusive online environment for yourself and others to learn, explore, and discover. Thus, we ask that you do not post anything profane or offensive on this platform.

FAQs/Site Rules/Policies: Site Rules
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Accessibility & Privacy & Security Policies

In general, we aim to follow the basic accessibility, privacy and security procedures of our parent website. Thus, you may read their full Accessibility Policy or Privacy & Terms pages. 

Information We Gather/Use

The majority of public information and services on our web site is offered without the gathering of any personally identifiable information from you.

Information Provided By You Directly To Us

The gathering of personally identifiable information by our web site is required in certain instances. Those instances may include: logging-in, submitting certain online forms for registration, application, or related activities; or contacting us. You will always be aware when we are gathering your personally identifiable information, as you will be entering and/or submitting that information through an online form and/or similar method. Your personally identifiable information may be used by us to provide information and services.

Information Provided By You To Us

In certain instances, personally identifiable information that you provide and/or have provided to us may be used by us to better serve you. In all such instances, personally identifiable information is provided and used within appropriate guidelines, and only to the extent to which it is necessary in your ability to use our web site, and/or for us to provide you with information, services, etc. 

Information Gathered From You Passively By Us

We passively gather information about you. Such passive gathering may not be readily noticeable to you, and may include, but not be limited to: IP Address, domain from which you access the Internet, individual pages accessed within our web site, access and session times, environmental variables such as web browser, platform, and operating system, the URL from which you came, the URL you visit when leaving. This information is gathered and analyzed to enhance our web site, detect problems, determine trends, maintain security, and overall, to assist us in improving the offering of information and services etc. This information is generally non-personally identifiable, however, may be combined with personally identifiable information to better provide information and services, etc. 


To enhance the information and services provided, our web site may utilize "cookies."

Cookies are small text files we place on your computer, associated to your computer's web browser. These cookies do not and will never contain personally identifiable information; however, information stored in these cookies may be linked to personally identifiable information gathered in a manner as previously indicated.

Information We Disseminate To Others

In certain instances, information disseminated by us to any other entity may be to disseminate both non-personally and personally identifiable information. In all such instances, personally identifiable information is disseminated and used within appropriate guidelines, and only to the extent to which it is necessary in our ability to provide information and services etc. to you.

Information You Disseminated To Others

Certain parts of our website offers features that allow you to disseminate or otherwise make available your personally identifiable information to others. These features may include, but not be limited to: posting a personal profile of yourself for others; uploading personal work and then making that work available to others; or participating in specific activities related to online community building or our free educational resources that are reviewed by or visible to others. You will always be aware when you are disseminating your personally identifiable information to others, as you will be entering and submitting that information through an online form and/or similar method. 


To protect the loss, misuse, theft, or otherwise unauthorized accesses of personally identifiable information, as well as the overall integrity of all information and services offered, on our website and associated systems maintain basic security measures.

 In certain instances, such as when logging-in and/or when you are providing pertinent information, we take appropriate measures to protect personally identifiable information but we can not guarantee that this information will never be disclosed in a manner that is inconsistent with this policy.

FAQs/Site Rules/Policies: Accessibility Policy
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