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Outbreak Experience

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Activity Overview

Simulating an Infectious Disease Outbreak to Improve Interprofessional Collaboration, Health Equity and Community Resilience is an educational activity that places public health and health professions students in the role of interacting as a member of a multidisciplinary unified response team, requiring that they engage in effective teamwork as they collaborate in decision-making and communication in response to the rising threat of an infectious disease outbreak.

The outbreak takes place in the Miami Valley region of Ohio, with the City of Dayton/Montgomery County at the center.

This activity is population-focused and was designed as an interprofessional education (IPE) experience for graduate students from public health (MPH), medicine (MD), pharmacy (PharmD), clinical mental health counseling (MSE), and nursing (MSN and BSN). The health equity prompts introduced in these cases may also be appropriate for social work (MSW) students.

Disclaimer: The scenario in this activity is fictional but was informed by information and events from actual influenza outbreaks. Any similarities to real events or individuals are completely coincidental. 

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