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T3- Part 1

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Discuss your team’s response to this situation as indicated below:

Question 1: What strategies could be implemented to improve work attendance? With the widespread closure of school districts, how could the inability of some parents/guardians to stay home from work to watch affect their children/youth?

Question 2: How should Tamiflu® be allocated if a shortage is experienced? Who should receive it as a priority? What are your other treatment options?

Question 3: How will outbreak information be communicated to the public so that information is clear and consistent?

Question 4: What should be communicated to patients who are “worried well” and scheduling appointments?

Question 5: Given your knowledge of how anxiety and panic is influenced by uncertainty, how would you encourage communication with parents, children, and the community at this time?

Question 6: Since there is no effective vaccine for this strain of HPAI, are there other preventive care options for your patients?

Question 7: You recognize that pneumonia is a common complication that occurs for many patients who have had the flu. What would be the role of antibiotics in managing patients with bacterial pneumonia secondary to influenza?

Question 8: What considerations would the team have regarding patient triage given the limitations of personnel and resources at this time

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